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    Need help with your pets?
    Pet Coach will help your pet
    overcome behavioural problems
    and achieve specific training goals
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    Build a bond with your pet
    Pet Coach will help you develop a
    relationship of respect and trust with
    your pet as you learn together.

What we do

Pet Coach’s training services for your best friend

Personalised Coaching

Great for pet owners or foster carers who want to focus on specific training goals or behavioural challenges in direct one-on-one coaching sessions. Pet Coach will work with you and your dog using a tailored training program to achieve your goals.

Pet PT

Personal Training will provide plenty of physical and mental exercise while working on a personalised training program for your pet. Pet Coach helps your pet master the training goals you set, from basic cues like sit and stay, leash skills, agility, nose work and more.

Puppy Parties

A fun and relaxed way for your young dog to develop important socialisaion skills in a safe and managed environment. You, your friends and your puppy will be coached on how to best interact with each other and new humans and animals in these enjoyable two-hour sessions.

Group Coaching

If you have a group of friendly pet owners or rescue dogs, Pet Coach can tailor a personalised training class for you. We keep classes between 4-6 dogs per session to maximise the benefit for each individual and can focus on specific issues or general obedience training.

About the Pet Coach

Justin Palazzo-Orr is the Pet Coach, a highly skilled and experienced individual who has been working in pet training and behavioural enrichment for over seven years. He has worked extensively for the RSPCA in developing training and enrichment frameworks for animal welfare and has recently been the trainer for the partnership between the Happy Paws Happy Hearts Foundation and Mates for Mates program at RSPCA.

Justin brings his extensive knowledge and experience to every coaching session and focuses on making a difference in the lives and relationships of animals and the humans who love them.


Pet Coach’s hourly rates, value packs and callout fees

Standard - Initial



Standard - Follow Up


$80/Hour - $50/Half Hour

Rescue - Initial



Rescue - Follow Up


$65/Hour - $40/Half Hour

Pet Coach sessions are subject to a Callout fee, based on the Translink zones.

For example, if you live in Shailer Park (Translink Zone 6) and would like a single Pet Coaching session, the fee would be $120 for the hour PT session plus $35 for travel.

If you purchase a 5 hour pack and want to do five one-hour sessions, you will pay the call out fee for each session.

On the other hand, if you opt for, say, one two-hour training session and one three-hour session (totaling the 5 hours) you will just pay the call out fee twice (once for the two hour session and once for the three hour session).

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  • Travel Prices
  • Zone 1-4 $20
  • Zone 5-7 $35
  • Zone 8-10 $50
  • Zone 11-16 $75
  • Zone 17-23 $100
  • Zones Beyond By Negotiation

Special Services

With years of experience presenting to small and large groups for the RSPCA, Logan City Council and many others, Pet Coach is highly qualified to inform and educate your group on a variety of topics involving pet training and care.